At IMA International we have many years experience of production cost control and agency fee analysis with a variety of clients in different markets. Have a look at some of our recent projects:

FMCG client
Managing a large portfolio of TV and print productions

By applying the IMA 10 Step process we were able to deliver 11% per annum savings on production costs.

Technology client
Production cost analysis of integrated campaign (TV, print, digital)

By taking a consultative approach IMA was able to reduce the costs of a fully integrated digital and TV campaign within the client's budget.

Automotive client
Full assessment of digital and print production costs

By negotiating fees and production costs IMA was not only able to make cost savings but also improve client/agency ways of working.

Retail client
Getting new digital agency onto a formal fee structure

IMA helped a leading retailer define its scope of work and negotiate rates with its leading digital agency resulting in improved work flow and a 19% reduction in annual fees.

FMCG client
Long term client/agency relationship review

IMA was able to help a global FMCG company review its long established relationship with its main advertising agency resulting in a 30% annual saving.

FMCG client
Support and benchmarking during agency pitch

IMA supported its clients during the pitch by applying a scientific approach to its agency selection and negotiating strong commercial terms from the outset.