agency relationship management

Structured approach.
Stronger relationships.

There are many aspects to what makes a strong client/agency partnership.

The right financial model to enable great work. Efficient ways of working. And ensuring you’re both well-matched partners.

For over 25 years we’ve worked with clients all over the world helping them achieve just that.

Read below to learn more.

how we can help

Agency Management Skillset

IMA can help you structure a best-practice fee model, improve how you work with your agency or help you find a new agency partner.

Commercials / Fee Reviews

  • Fee reviews & negotiation
  • Rates & resource benchmarking
  • Commercial/ZBB modelling

Client / Agency Optimisation

  • Ways of working and optimising your agency model
  • Performance reviews

Agency Pitch & Selection

  • Full process management
  • Commercial and contract structure
  • Negotiation

fee review

IMA’s 5-stage agency fee review process

Having worked both client and agency-side means that we really understand the creative process.  We’ve imparted that knowledge and expertise in crafting IMA’s optimum agency fee review structure.

Review client brief & scope of work

Ensure clarity around outputs

In-depth review of agency proposal

Ensure full transparency of resourcing plan (rates, hours, projects, team)

Benchmark rates & hours

Our extensive benchmarking data ensures your rates are market competitive

IMA bottom-up recommendation

A full detailed analysis of what we believe the fees should be vs agency proposal

Negotiation & Agreement

Aligned and in partnership with the client

why work with us

Our 4-Stage Pitch Process Framework

Our 4-stage pitch process is a roadmap to our pitch process.

But we adjust and adapt it to meet your needs. It gives us a starting point for discussion with you about what's important, and not so important, in the pitch.

Discovery & Long-listing
  • Clarify objectives, priorities and scope
  • Agree process and deliverables
  • Create a timing plan
  • Long-list agencies
RFI & Chemistry
  • Short-list agencies
  • Prepare RFI for chemistry
  • Chemistry meetings
  • Finalise pitch shortlist
RFP & Pitch
  • Craft RFP/Pitch Brief
  • Commercial templates
  • Pitch presentations
  • Wash-up & selection
Negotiation & Contract
  • Final agency appointment
  • Finalise commercials
  • Contracting

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