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The production process. Perfected.

IMA’s consultant team are all former senior-level marketing, advertising and production executives who understand the client-side pains and pitfalls better than most. Because we’ve been there ourselves.  And struggled with the same challenges that clients experience today when it comes to production…how to achieve great creative work from your agency partners, at the right price.

We offer a truly independent service that helps advertisers better manage their production processes which, in turn, helps control cost.

why work with us

Our Role

We’ve always seen our role as much more than production cost consultants. Our modus operandi is to think more broadly and strategically about your production needs.

Work with us

1. Provide Expert Advice

Defend your interests throughout the production

2. Ensure Best Practice Approach

Utilise IMA’s 6-stage framework to guide the optimal production process

3. Enable Creative Excellence

Help you find the right balance between great creative and cost

4. Solve Problems

Troubleshoot, seek innovative solutions and mitigate risk

5. Create Value

Manage budget, minimise cost escalation and deliver savings

our process

IMA’s 6-stage multi-media production process

IMA’s 6-stage multi-media production process forms the foundations of everything we do. It ensures we become involved at the optimal time to provide the best opportunity to reduce cost and guide the production process. We’ve honed and perfected it over the years and it really works!


Campaign Ambition & Brief

A crucial first stage of the process when you’re briefing your agency partner.  IMA can support you in considering all the key questions that will impact production:  budget, creative ambition, timing plan, number of assets, talent requirements, music and so on.

Bidding Process

IMA will work closely with your agency partner to shape a robust triple-bid process to ensure you have creative and budgetary options

Selection & Negotiation

Once the preferred production company and director are chosen, IMA works with your agency to reduce cost and ensure all aspects of production are covered


We’ll support you during the key Pre-Production meetings to ensure all bases are covered prior to the shoot

Content Creation

During the shoot/production, we are on stand-by to support if any issues arise, particularly those that might impact cost

Reporting & Reconciliation

When the production is complete, we work with the agency to provide a final reconciliation of all costs.

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